How do I get myself or my band endorsed with DOG-ON-IT strings and other products?

-We are always on the lookout for the next big thing or the one thing that needs just a push to get moving. Submit a EPK, Bio, Live or Video links or anything you think we would need or want to see.  email your submissions to Contact@DogOnItProductions.com or give a call at (623) 335-5520

How do i inquire for management help or advice?

-We are happy to work with or help anyone with the drive, integrity and desire to be the best they can be and want to be successful. We won't waste your time or ours if you are not committed to your goals. You dont need a long list of accomplishments. Everyone has to start somewhere and we are happy to work with and advise you and your talents at all levels. 

Where are you located?

-Our main office is located in Phoenix Arizona, but do travel all over the country and world so your location is never a issue. WE can and do come to you if need be and there is a need. Also if your in the area and want to stop by or meet. Just drop us a line and we are happy to set up a NON COMMITTAL meeting with you at no cost. 

What do you charge or fees?

 -NOTHING... We absolutely hate when management and talent developers con honest hard working artist in paying up front fees for services they usually never received. Before you commit or write that check to someone. Please take 20 minutes and watch this video that will help give you insight into the pitfalls that can lie ahead if your not careful.  https://youtu.be/Zs6_Yl0bhJ4

Are you hiring or looking for help?

-We are always in need of Street Team leaders and members to help in all cities and countries. Also if you are a booker or industry professional looking, We are happy to discuss about bringing you aboard for possible options if there is a mutual feel for a benificial outcome

I still have questions

-Of course we cant answer everything on here. If there is still more questions or concerns you have. Please call (623} 335-5520 or fill out the form below and submit.

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